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Please email artwork to If possible, artwork should be submitted as digital files in vector format, such as Adobe Illustrator or .eps file. This permits the image to be blown up to any size without distortion. Raster artwork in formats such as Photoshop or TIFF and JPEG and photos may be used, but should be at a resolution of at least 72 dpi at full size for best results. Lesser resolution may result in images that are pixilated or blurred. Scans or sketches sometimes can be used, but if it requires us to do extensive art preparation there may be an additional charge. We will give you a quotation for any such charges before proceeding.

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Digital printing is the best choice for flags with complex designs, photos and /or images with many colors, particularly when only one or a small number of flags are required. The process is similar to printing a photo with your personal computer, but on a larger scale using special permanent weather-resistant dyes.


Applique may be the preferred choice for relatively simple designs and/or letters and only one or a few flags are required. Each design element (e.g., each letter) is a separate piece of cloth that is cut out and hand sewn onto the flag. Colors are limited to the 20 or so in which flag grade nylon is available. The price depends on such factors as the complexity of design, number of letters, etc., and must be quoted on each specific job. Please send us a e-mail describing your requirements; include artwork if available.

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Screen printing is generally the most economical process when large quantities ( at least 6 ) of the same flag is needed and the design involves only one or a few colors in addition to the background. Weather-resistant ink is squeegeed through a patterned screen onto the flag fabric. Each color in the design requires a separate printing through its own specially made screen. The price depends on the size of the flag, the number of colors and the quantity made in the production run. Please send us a e-mail describing your requirements; include artwork if available.

Scroll down for "Examples" and information about "Flag Construction".


FLAG CONSTRUCTION: Single/Reverse vs. Double:

Most flags are "Single / Reverse" (S/R) with a white canvas heading with brass grommets on the left side. They are a single layer of fabric. The image shows on both sides, but the image on the back side is slightly less intense and reads in reverse. For the image to read correctly on both front and back requires sewing two flags together back to back, often with a liner in between. Such a "Double" (DBL) flag is at least twice as heavy as a S/R and takes much more breeze to fly ( see illustrations below ).

Flags intended for indoor display or for parades usually have a pole sleeve instead of grommets and often have golden fringe on three sides.

5' x 8' CUSTOM Digital Flag
3' x 5' CUSTOM Digital Flag